Tips for the Big Day

Many thanks to Michele of CI Berkshire for providing these useful tips for getting ready for CI surgery and recovery at home:

1. Have soft foods on the ready when you are home as you may not be up to crunching and munching for two or three days after. 
2. Take a soft pillow/travel cushion for the car journey home, as you may want to rest your head. 
3. Wear slip on shoes (so no bending over to try tie laces or buckle shoes, you may or may not be a little wobbly. I wasn't - but I was tired!) 
4. Wear a button up top / jumper / jersey for going home so you don't have the hassle to pull clothing over your head. 
5. Take a notepad and pen for hospital in case you're unable to follow spoken instructions. I was a little zonked. But happy zonked! *grins* 
6. Do check with your motor Insurance that you are covered to drive for 'x' amount of weeks/days after surgery. 
7. If you wear glasses and have a spare pair you may want to take the arm off so you can more comfortably wear glasses with the bandage in place! 
8. Bring a bag with your phone charger and other essentials just in case you have to stay the night in hospital... 

Post op: 
1. If you feel the need to sneeze the first few days after CI surgery, try to sneeze gently with your mouth open. It may be uncomfortable otherwise. Later on this won't be a problem. 
2. Rest up and be kind to yourself!

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